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I’m Lisa Stewart, Sigil Designer

A professional visual and logo designer by trade, I’ve always tapped my intuition to guide my life and my business. 

After a few past life regressions, it’s been revealed that sigil design has always been part of my personal DNA. I guess this is why I love all things symbology!

Humans have used symbols for centuries -since the neolithic era- allowing us to traverse through rugged terrains by way of inukshuks to wayward signs to find the nearest dentist. 

As a society, we cannot function without iconography. We engage with symbols everyday to navigate to the nearest toilets in public to adjust our vehicle’s stick to shift our motion into reverse. 

Additionally, family crests have become symbolic brands that signify vocations -like a blacksmith for the local village. Today, companies have taken that idea and designed their own icons to depict their brand in the marketplace.

Sigils are a type of symbol and like logos, represent an intentional outcome. Originally harnessing the power of chaos to summon angels and demons, sigils are a condensed version of values and attributes that embody the objective outcome. They’re a wifi boost to your intention.  

Sigils were my natural first step into the spiritual world because their form gave me comfort. As a seer, I’ve harnessed chaos magick to give strength to symbols throughout my lifetimes. 

Today, I’m offering my skills to develop a sigil as logo for your product or business. If you believe a sigil is right for your product or business, let’s connect.

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