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Ever witness a pet playing with invisible friends? 

Ghosts & Spirits

“Playtime includes friends of another dimension.”

My second sight is coming into focus. Like, this week. As I work on my mediumship skills, I’ve asked Spirit to increase my clairvoyance —my ability to see with my naked eye— or at least a vivid intuition.

I’ve heard how wonderful a spirit orb sighting is. More and more videos are coming online with spirit orbs interrupting a security camera with ‘an event.’ Some events cajole owners of security cams from their sleep to investigate their property.

Even a non-event, one free from vandalism and theft still requires inspection.

But what about in my own home? Since we live in an apartment, we aren’t in need of security cams. Although, I am jealous of some of the Instagram accounts I follow that showcase spirit kitties tormenting the household all hours of the day and night. 

I want a security cam just to observe spirit cats, wouldn’t you?  

Part 2 – What are Spirit Orbs?

Ever see tiny lights that look like lightning bugs bouncing around your home or property? Perhaps you’ve seen white balls of light them in photos or in video footage?

Nobody is sure what they are, but it is believed they may be some form of energy. Others claim they are “trapped souls.”

According to, orbs are spheres of electromagnetic energy produced by spirit; actual embodiment of spirit in varying sizes; representing spirit. They appear at sites of paranormal activity, often in photographs. 

Part 3 – Who can see spirit orbs?

If you’ve got clairvoyance —the ability to see other forms of paranormal — with your naked eye, you might see the bouncing balls of light named spirit orbs.

Many animals see them. My cats see them.

When I started participating in Zoom online meetings, folks told me I had many dancing about my studio.

I could sense that I had a few spirits mulling about my space but haven’t been able to see them. As a kid, I could see all kinds of folks who have passed on. Evidently, at some point in my life I decided I didn’t want to see them. I would like to reverse that option —and I’m told I can with a simple statement, just say “Yes.”

Part 4 – First Sighting

A few evenings ago, I was participating in an online zoom meeting to develop our intuition.

One practitioner asked us to provide any insight we might have in her environment. Many of us were able to make out a figure over her right shoulder. While I could only see pixelation, others could see a fully formed figure outfitted with blue jean overalls and a white shirt.

As she began to talk, I thought something was amiss -like a moth fluttering around in her screen. So I hastily interrupted her, “Do you have a moth flying around your room?”

“No,” she replied. No bugs here.

“Then, do I see a spirit orb?” She confessed that she couldn’t see orbs and added that I might be seeing one.

Excitement erupted in the chat box. The appearance of this spritely orb dance thrilled many of us. Others supported what I saw and the chat was all aflutter with our own corroborations.

Spirit Orb Recreation
Zari -PawsIntheAir

 Part 5 – Second Sighting

The next day I had a full day of calls.

I played music from my iPad between the calls: meditation music for pulling cards to smooth jazz that fills my spirit with joy.

Mewtant was hanging out in the studio office with me.

Throughout the day, I heard small noises in my studio and wondered: Are these just paper scraps settling into the bottom of my trash can or is it something else?

At one point, I even pulled down my ukulele collecting dust from the top shelf to play a few notes. I can’t remember a chord to save my life but hey, Mewtant was amused.

A few hours after my coaching call, I was winding down my work as Andrew prepped dinner. Mewtant jumped down because he knows that he gets treats during dinner -only to get he and Zari out from underfoot.

As I swiveled my chair around to exit the studio, Mewtant and I abruptly stopped at the door.

Wouldn’t you know it?

Unceremoniously, a tiny spirit orb lay on the studio threshold. It was impossible to ignore.

Mewtant kindly moved to the left of it and brushed up against the door frame. I opened the door to move my body through and spotted it sitting on the carpet. I crouched down to determine if it was a piece of glass that caught the light.

It vanished.

As I write this passage —just as I witnessed the orb— I got full-body goosebumps. It was so sweet, bright, and delicate. The moment I recognized it, it disappeared.

Do you want to see spirit orbs?

Just say, “Yes, I can see spirit orbs.” Eventually, they will appear.

Third Sighting

Later that evening, we headed to bed to read a bit. Mewtant settled on the blanket that lay over my feet -a new routine for him. Zari remained out in the big room to roam.

Turning out the light at about 10:30 or so, we dozed off to sleep.

Zari gets her second wind about an hour after we shut out the lights. Usually tossing her mousey about, she ‘herds’ it by meowling to it.

Tonight was different.

Tonight she was chasing something. Galloping around the living room, she was meowing and cavorting quickly across the floor.

Mewtant and I both woke and knew that this particular play was unlike other times before. He popped his head up from the blanket at the foot -his silhouette outlined by the glowing filter that sits in the corner of the room. I sat up. 

Together, we decided to hop out of bed to observe Zari’s antics. Quietly, we walk to the open bedroom door and stand on the threshold where the carpet and hardwoods meet.

Zari came scampering from the kitchen, striking at something in the air.

It was a spirit orb.

Meowling as she lifted her body in mid-air, I silently watched this tiny circus in my living room just two feet away.

Mewtant joined in, and he wanted his chance to swat at the orb. At that moment, the collision of Mewtant’s sudden appearance in Zari’s path and my large, dark looming figure in the doorway was far too much for her to process.

I’ve never seen a cat move so fast and so swiftly. 🤣

Cat nails scratching the floor to grasp and pivot to get necessary traction as the rug gathered in a cartoon accordion fashion. Somewhere in the midst, the cats tumbled over each other and Zari dodged under the sofa.

Oh the calamity that has befallen poor ZariCat.

Mewtant’s catching his breath to my left as he squats like a tiger ready to lunge. Positioned on my knees and hands like a poorly written woman in a 1980’s slasher film, I peak under the sofa to check on Zari. She’s there all right.

Comfortably meat loafing silhouette not at all ready to emerge and resume play anytime soon.


Now is the time our family embraces spirit orbs as guests.

My saying “yes” to seeing spirit orbs may begin to reveal the house cat’s friends of another dimension.

And many small events are starting to make sense. Like when Mewtant tries climbing the walls to reach for absolutely nothing. Or when Zari goes into the bathroom and looks around and meows. Now I follow her in and sit in the dark to wait and watch.

How about you? Have you seen spirit orbs? Share your stories on my Instagram post.

Stay tuned for more fascinating discoveries.

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