Supernatural Pet Stories

Delightful Communication From the Other Side of the Veil

Playful Spirit Orbs and Cats

Playful Spirit Orbs and Cats

Supernatural Pet Stories Playful Spirit Orbs & CatsFrom Guests to Residents!Ever witness a pet playing with invisible friends? Ghosts & Spirits "Playtime includes friends of another dimension."My second sight is coming into focus. Like, this week. As I work on...

Transmuting Cat

Transmuting Cat

Supernatural PET stories Transmuting CatEver loved an animal so much that your connection transcended space and time?Ghosts & Spirits "Unbreakable connections persist through Space & Time."I believe the universe has souls match up to enjoy life and each other...

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About Me

Lisa Stewart


As a lifelong intuitive, Lisa always had one foot on another dimensional plane.

At a very young age, Lisa had an invisible friend coupled with the ability to see ghosts and read energy intentions. Since she was young, she's had a personal connection with animals and pets. 

Today, she uses those intuitive gifts to guide her and others to reconnect with their personal magick.

If you want to join Lisa on her journey, stick around to listen, watch, and engage with her on various platforms. She'd love to meet you!

Lastly, Lisa offers intuitive business and marketing guidance, website design, and digital calendar planners, and tarot readings to help mystics share their gifts with the world and grow their confidence and their income. To learn more, head to