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Transmuting Cat


Ever loved an animal so much that your connection transcended space and time?

Ghosts & Spirits

“Unbreakable connections persist through Space & Time.”

I believe the universe has souls match up to enjoy life and each other until they have to part.

This includes animals. Pets are some of the most important relationships we have.

I grew up with a menagerie of animals over the years: horses, cows, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters. I realize how much I love interacting with each of them in their own way.

Today, I ask our cats if they know how lucky they have it? I’d tell them that I wished all kitties and dogs had the same life we had because they were all special and deserved to be loved well.

The first pet I adopted once I grew into a responsible adult was my yearling, Pablo. Pablo was a white cat with black patches all over his body. He looked like a Pablo Picasso painting. Hence the name, Pablo Picatso.

Weeks later, a grey and white kitten was dropped on my doorstep. Neighbors heard that I wanted to adopt a second kitty for Pablo. I named him Clawed -after Clawed Monet. Unfortunately, Clawed was a carrier for Feleuk -that’s a death sentence for any cat. He infected Pablo and as a result, Pablo died within months. Five years later, Clawed passed away.

Part 2

Clawed died just weeks before Bacchus was born. I often wonder if souls bundle like a snowball? One wrapping up into another combining both spirits forming into a new spirit. If so, it’s a nice thought that I don’t believe will be answered in my lifetime. If their little souls bundle, did they create a newly evolved life that became my muse?

I ponder if unbreakable connections persist through space and time?

Regardless, Bacchus knew and was simply happy to be alive.

Ten short years later, Bacchus died of an idiopathic immune deficiency. Our last week together was full of despair: he spent his time laying in a box in my office and I spent time on the floor crying.

I told him our time wasn’t over. I demanded he come back to visit any way he can.




Part 3

The evening Bacchus passed over to the great catnip garden in the universe, his spirit jumped on our bed with us -all four of us. My cats Cheshire and Chardonnay along with my partner and I.

I felt the heft of his former weight pounce on my side of the bed and walk over my body. He startled both Cheshire and Chardonnay. Cheshire jumped, making proverbial room for Bacchus to meet my partner on his side of the bed.

After our first visitation, Bacchus frequently dropped in to say hello. Let it be 8:30 in the evening as we watched tv or after we made raucous noise cleaning the house. Once I realized the connections between making noise and his visits, I could call on him -almost command him to make an appearance. I loved knowing I could do that to show him I still think of him.


Since the passing of Bacchus in 2011, Chardonnay and Cheshire now join him. I like to think of them as Jedi Cats looking over us and providing instruction -as cats often enjoy doing.

Do you want a ghostly visitor?

If you’re grieving from a loss of a furry family member, and you’re willing to accept them as spirit visitors (not necessarily spirit animals, that’s different) then try this:

Idea 1: Make noise

I discover I get Bacchus sitings just after I’ve done a chore. It can be something as simple as washing dishes, vacuuming, moving furniture, or doing laundry -anything that stirs up vibrations in the house.

Typically, it’s 15 minutes later when I see his body sprint through an area.

One time, I found Bacchus spread out like a pompous king on our dining room table amongst the glassware and plates we had stacked as we were repainting the kitchen. 

On other occasions, I might find one of them jumping into a collapsible red canvas wagon we have opened and abandoned in the foyer. This after we made noise unloading groceries.

Idea 2: Call their name

When you want to see them again, call out their name. Call out as though you’re calling them for dinner. Don’t tell them it’s dinner time -that’s just rude! haha. Say something like,

“Bacchus! Baaaaaacchus! Come see me! I miss you and would love to see you again. Bacchus! Baaaaaacchus!”

Settle in a quiet place and wait. Wait about 15 minutes or so. You might just get a visitor.

So how will you know? Well…


Preparing for Ghostly Guests

What you’ll want to do is make sure that your environment is free from distractions -this includes blaring sci-fi movies on your big screen to non-stop yakking mothers-in-law.

Preferably, you’ll want to be alone.

Next, find a place where you ordinarily stand or seat. Your spot. The spot where your furry friend would know and greet you. Or where typically stand.

Meanwhile, know that their entrance (siting) can be surprising. It may be in an area that didn’t occur to you to look and yet, you saw them anyway.

Also, if you want to feel them, make sure your body is relaxed and that you’re not prone to muscle spasms. If you are, be sure you know how, when, and where they happen. This will help you deduce whether it’s biological or mystical. 

It’s time to talk about “Clair”

Receiving visitors can be felt in one of several ways. This is done through a method called “clair” as in:

Clairvoyance – to see
Claircognizance – to know
Clairsalience – to smell
Clairaudience – to hear
Clairsentience – to feel
Clairgustance – to taste

Personally, when I receive spirited guests, it’s “mostly” through seeing them playing about or sprinting thru areas.

Recently, now that Chardonnay and Cheshire have passed, I feel them touch me. It’s not creepy, I promise. It could be touching me once in the upper arm (when I’m sitting on the sofa), on the right forearm (as I sit and meditate in my office chair), or feel a brush against my leg-on the calf- as I sit in my office chair.

Also, I feel them jump on the bed and walk all over us. In many cases, they’ll snuggle up to my belly and overheat me. I wake to find myself pushing my partner out of bed because I’m laying in the middle. Oops, sorry dude.

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